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Fine Art

I am an artist.  I am also a former potter, a mother of two adult children, a caregiver, a teacher, a former early childhood administrator and consultant, a singer, a builder of things, a gardener, an RV camper, hiker, sailer, and lover of good food and wine.

Mostly, I am an artist now. It’s where I have always wanted to be. I am grateful to finally have the time to focus on my art. I do not have a formal art education but have learned from many wonderful teachers and mentors in the college classes and workshops I have taken and the books I have read.


The support of my long-suffering friends who are artists and art lovers, and who have given me the feedback I have frequently requested has also been very much appreciated. 


I will always be grateful to my late husband, Owen, for encouraging, enabling and gently pushing me to become the artist I wanted to be.  The little owl beside my picture is the last gift he gave me before he died in 2016.  He said it was my wise studio guide, with a brush for my art and a feather for my spirit.  I honor that gift and his memory every day.  My wise studio guide lives with me in my studio and his photograph travels with me wherever I go. It was only fitting that I also include it here as I continue to develop the art career that he always wanted me to have.

Annie J Schultz

Fine Art


Among the many books I have read, I have been excited to learn about and heavily influenced by
Henry Hensche, student of the founder of the original Cape Cod School of Art, Charles Hawthorne. Following Hawthorne's death, Hensche resurrected the Cape School of Art in Provincetown MA.  Hensche implores artists to "see the light, not the object-the object IS the light."

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

I love setting challenges for myself. Developing a new way of seeing and representing the world around me in two dimensions has been a wonderful and difficult challenge. I am intrigued by the properties of light and atmosphere and how they affect the colors and shapes of the objects we look at every day.  I am exploring color and how to use color to build form rather than drawing form and then coloring within the lines. I have never really stayed within the lines anyway. Why start now?

Annie J Schultz

Fine Art

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