Fixing Things

This week I have been thinking about fixing things. I have lived in this house for a year and a half now and there are things that have been driving me crazy but I haven’t done anything about it. There are lots of reasons we tolerate those things. Many of us spend our lives living with the things we know and avoiding dealing with new things that take time, energy and brain power. It’s easy to go through life on auto-pilot. It’s stressful and time-consuming to change.

I talked in an earlier post about fixing those things you have been tolerating but haven’t done anything about. So this week, I have made lots of changes and started attacking more of those things. The first one was getting my late husband’s computer upgraded and going again. I have been using a Macbook Air for the past year but have realized that while it's great for photographs and editing, I really don’t like it for word processing and spreadsheets. I got comfortable with Word and Excel and never quite grew to like Pages or Numbers. So I am now I am typing this post on the good old Dell laptop. It feels like home but it turns out that even good old reliable PC’s change. The updated versions are forcing me to spend time learning new computer stuff, but it’s a pleasant relief to use software I know and like. As I learn more about using social media to market my art, I will need a reliable, comfortable computer to use.

The second change is fixing my art. Each week when I go to my art class , I learn something new that makes me want to come home and fix every painting I have done in the past- or just decide to paint over them. I feel like I’m starting all over again every week. That is a good kind of change. Learning to fix what can be fixed and making the decision to just get out the gesso and cover what can’t be fixed so I can start over is freeing. I asked my instructor about something that was bothering me about a painting I did years ago. I told him what was bothering me and my inclinations about how to fix it. He agreed with my ideas and told me that I had just needed permission to do the things I already knew I needed to do. Sometimes all you need is a nudge from someone else to motivate you to fix something that is bugging you.

Finally, today I had an electrician come to install new lights, outlets and a whole new electrical circuit in my studio in my 1939 Cap Cod house. My studio is like a tree house way up high on the back of my house with windows all around. Unfortunately, in 1939, they didn’t use much power and the room had only one two-pronged outlet. I was running lots of extension cords from that one outlet and an outlet in the next room all over the place for my easel lighting, my phone and IPad chargers, Alexa and speaker, heater and fans, and anything else I needed to make my studio a comfortable and inspiring place to work. The problem is -it wasn’t. I finally made the decision to just bite the bullet and have the electrician come in to fix it. Of course, making these upgrades forced me to move shelves around and start the clean out and organization of all of the stuff that was just randomly stuck on shelves in boxes that were labeled “studio." I must admit that I have no idea what’s in many of those boxes. I know where my paint, my easel, my brushes and my other painting supplies are. Once I got that organized it was very convenient to just ignore the boxes and move them around as I needed to so I could make space for more stuff. See pictures below of the wires I will no longer need and the total disaster that is now my studio for a few days until I get back in there and tackle the boxes. I will post the after picture next week- I hope!

Fixing things can be stressful, time-consuming, freeing, motivating and a huge relief. What do you have that needs fixing? Please leave me a comment below, on Facebook or in a chat post.

I can’t wait to get my hands on my studio for a day and just purge the old boxes. Then there’s the basement and the back yard and I think I’ll go take a nap now……..


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